How to Keep Control of Blood Sugar Levels

While controlling your blood sugar levels may seem like a daunting task. It is a necessary practice that everyone, no matter their age, should being to take into consideration. As health and wellness are starting to become one of the hot topics in the last decade, many sciences and health professionals have compiled information on … [Read more…]

Easy ways to start living healthy

Many people believe that having a healthy lifestyle means that they must give up all junk food, workout intensely every day, and start drinking healthy smoothies every day. While these changes can help – living a healthier lifestyle can be simplistic. For starters, having a healthy lifestyle is just a shorthand way of saying – … [Read more…]

What’s so bad about grains and legumes?

In many ways, Living Primal’s nutrition philosophy seems standard and run-of-the-mill.  We advocate the elimination of processed foods, partially hydrogenated (trans) fats, sugar, artificial sweeteners and added salt. Most people get where we’re coming from here, as it’s generally accepted that these gems (let’s face it, we can’t even call them food!) don’t contribute favourably … [Read more…]