Carolyn Coffin

Carolyn Coffin

Carolyn Coffin is the co-founder of Living Primal, a lifestyle coaching business based on the simple concept that the best life we can live is the one for which we are genetically adapted.

After almost ten years of rehabilitating injured patients as a physiotherapist, Carolyn hung up her ice pack and adopted her new mantra: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It was Mark Sisson’s book – The Primal Blueprint – that changed her life and became the inspiration for her business. Sisson’s core argument resonated: Our overall health and body composition is largely determined by what we eat. Carolyn knew that to make a lasting impact on her clients, she would need to address both nutrition and activity, which is the foundation of her Living Primal approach.

Drawing on her background in Kinesiology, Carolyn’s unique style of health care delivery helps people learn to prevent injuries and disease with a balanced, sustainable, and comprehensive approach to total wellness.

She shares her passion for the endless advantages of eating real food, from effortless weight management to brimming vitality, through her website, educational courses and public speaking engagements.

An avid long-distance runner aspiring to “live in the moment,” Carolyn runs Living Primal from Belleville, Ontario, where she lives with her husband and two children.