Healthy Living: The Earlier You Start the Longer You Live

If you think a healthy lifestyle should start in your teens, you could not be more wrong; it starts before birth. The choices mothers make during pregnancy hugely affect their unborn children’s health and even somewhat the future of their lifestyle. Our genes direct some aspects of our vitality and health, while lifestyle factors such as weight, diet and fitness have a considerable impact on everyone’s ability to live a long, happy, healthy life.

While smoking during pregnancy affects the baby’s development, alcohol abuse leads to foetal alcohol syndrome that causes learning disabilities as well as other physical problems. A happy childhood boosts longevity as studies have proved that people who are unhappy during their youth are more likely to suffer from heart disease and other health problems as adults.

Nature A Magical Healer & Key to Healthy Living

Probably, the best source of vitamin D is the sunlight, which makes getting outdoors key to healthy living. One of every four children suffer from vitamin D deficiency, vital in the building of healthy strong bones, while. Vitamin D assists our bodies to absorb phosphorus and calcium for our diets.

Fitness, diet and weight is all part of healthy living, and while most think it can is fixable via a few gym sessions and crash diets, the truth is that it is a lifestyle. Everyone is coping with pressures from work, family life and therefore there is little time for exercise. The health benefits gained from exercise apart from weight loss makes a huge difference in staying healthy and looking younger.

Combine Family Time, Exercise and Nature into a Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Boost

Due to the limited time available for exercising, or spending time with the family as well as the costs of gym contracts, many individuals have cancelled their gym memberships. Spending time outdoors with the family on walks, bicycle rides or running now offer health benefits to the entire family.

Weight-bearing exercise such as morning runs get the family in a great mood for the day and is especially useful in protection against osteoporosis while it also promotes bone density. Running with the family quickly attracts others to join the group, which social activity increase, which is vital to living longer.

Running is one of the easiest exercises, it cost nothing gives runners the perfect chance to clear their minds and enjoy the beauty of nature. Once the entire family get involved, it is much easier to clear the house of junk food and start living a healthier lifestyle. Think you too unfit, start by walking and slowly increase your pace daily, and soon you’ll be running towards a healthy lifestyle.