Anne & David – Jumping on the Bandwagon

Living Primal’s next success story features a very special couple … Carolyn & Kevin’s parents, Anne & David Beatty.

Reluctant at first about embracing the unconventional advice that is the very foundation of primal eating, Anne and David took one for the team (our family!) in favour of supporting their children.

Six months later they are being stopped on the street by friends and acquaintances wanting to know their secret to steady weight loss and vibrant health.

Check out their stories below.

Anne’s Story

Anne & David, July 2012

When your kids try something new, as a parent you try to be supportive.

When the kids want you to jump on the bandwagon with commitment, you do not want to let them down.

Back up 20 years (1991) and you would have found this parent in a state of complacency :  three children growing up and spreading their wings – a marriage coasting along nicely – a part-time job that I love –  the homestead complete.   When the family needed my car to get themselves to summer jobs, I found myself on shanks’ mare to do the 6 km round trip daily to/from work.  Even the exercise base was covered.

Suddenly one day down the road about 10 years  (2001)  I found the need to join Weight Watchers.   It was time for a big push. Middle age had set in.   Not paying attention had crept up on me.  So, for a small fee and weekly meetings over a year, I  “succeeded.”   That was training to hold-my-own for another five years.  Paying attention didn’t quite keep my ideal weight, but close  – I was always within ten pounds.     I became a member of Curves (2006) for exercise variety, and for the self-challenge followed their six week programme to success again, returning to goal weight (as agreed upon with my doctor) .

I was, nevertheless, contented and by employing all the rules of both programmes I remained with the weight off but deemed somewhat bored. I felt I should weigh less and look better for the amount of exercise I did do, together with the amount of eating I did not do.  It was all rather frustrating, not to mention disappointing.

Age is not kind and I was no exception (lazy posture, abdominal flab, bad foods creeping back into the diet).   When our children launched into their primal regime it was easy to go along for the ride.  With ears open to all new ideas and with no effort other than eliminating sugar, grains and legumes, this cook gave up the prohibited foods and, as they say, the rest is history.

Over the past six months (2012) results have shown up quickly on the scale, at the clothing stores and in the mirror.   Sometimes I wonder if my doctor would approve of 20 lbs less than the goal weight, but I know I do!  Resulting comments are well worth any effort made on my part!  There are always menu discussions when the kids are home, there is encouragement, and now there is a request for my success story!

It really wasn’t hard.   I may be coming a cheerleader from said bandwagon!

I am not yet signed up for the marathon or triathlon training but hey, you never know!!

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David’s Story

Anne & David, July 2012

As a parent you try to support your kids, but going without bread, pasta and rice seemed a little extreme at first!

While I am not in the kitchen much, I do eat whatever is put in front of me.  No one has complained over the years about that.

I am very active from April til November – golf is my game and rarely do I play less than nine holes a day every day possible.

However from the end of the season til the start of the new season I am pretty sedentary, some might even say “couch potato”…..and with that comes some boredom in front of the TV……which allows for some idle snacking (I know which cupboards to raid)… the social seasons of Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines and Easter – all good eating!

Without particularly paying attention or even really noticing, the pounds started to add up.  Without a plan, I guess that is just what happens?

During our Christmas 2011 vacation, the kids began talking about “primal.”  They were not pushing it on me.  I commented a few times about “no toast at breakfast” but they just passed me off.

When we got back home, it seemed like normal things were happening.  We still had three meals a day, we still had company, we still ate out.  I did not really notice any big changes – except the cupboards were no longer stocked with the usual snack food, and there was a push to back off on the evening rum-and-coke!

There was no sandwich with my lunch, but there was always a hearty home-made soup, or sometimes leftovers from last night which were pretty good.  Dinner seemed more creative than ever with lots of tasty vegetables.   They were rather filling, I wasn’t really missing out on the things I thought I might, and I was certainly never hungry.

Golf season started in March this year which was great news!!  At weekend breakfasts with the golfers, I ordered my omelette without toast (I’m still getting razzed about that!) and asked the cook to simply add on some fruit to the plate.  At business meetings I am able to nibble from the veggie tray, and can now easily avoid the sandwiches. They don’t even tempt me anymore.  Restaurants always offer fish, chicken and salads and no one seems to notice my ordering only primal foods.

I really mean it when I say “this was so easy!” And if the kids say it is healthy to boot, then count me in.  In six months I have lost over 25 lbs without missing a beat. And for the first time in 25 years, my weight officially begins with a 1 (199 lbs).

Friends are starting to ask questions about what I am doing – all I can say is that I have hardly noticed the change but love the results.