We lost a family member (and we’re happy about it!)

Over the Christmas holidays, Kevin and I travelled down to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera for some all-inclusive fun in the sun. This has become somewhat of a tradition in our family (Kevin & I are siblings), one we hope will continue for…ever. But I digress.

This trip included the nine usual suspects from last year, but we were travelling a little lighter. 150 lbs lighter to be exact. That’s right, 150 lbs have been shed between just four family members this year alone thanks to Primal eating. I can’t make up the truth!

This is my father, David Beatty. His formal success story is featured here, but those who know him will attest that he is just a shadow of his former self. David has managed to drop close to 50 lbs simply by changing the foods he (or should I say, my mother!) puts on his plate.

The impact of day-to-day food choices really does drive our health, and my father is living, breathing proof of that. Congratulations Dad for turning your health around in such a short time. I’m so proud of you!

And here is my mother, Anne Beatty, looking radiant minus the 35 extra pounds she was carrying at this time last year. She is the creative cook behind the incredible 85 lb weight loss under her roof last year. Wow!

If you ever need a delicious Primal soup recipe, just ask my mother! I bet if I challenged her to make a different soup every day of the year, she could do it (and do it well!).

Here is my twin brother, Ian Beatty. He is 25 lbs lighter since embarking on his Primal journey, and feels so much healthier for it. His low grade back pain has completely disappeared, along with his tennis elbow and mild asthma symptoms. He even sleeps better. You can read his complete success story here.

And last but certainly not least is Kevin’s girlfriend, Jen. Despite being somewhat skeptical about the Primal eating philosophy one year ago, she has managed to lose close to 40 lbs eating some of the most delicious foods of her life. Jen will be the first to say that this “diet” will leave you feeling deprived of absolutely nothing, unless you count bloating and constant hunger! Her success story can be found here.

So we’re down a 150 lb “family member,” for which we have fully mourned the loss of. “Dear joint pain, intestinal cramping, wild hunger and energy swings, poor sleep, sluggish immune systems and excess weight: It’s been good knowing you, but we’re going to have to let you go. We trust that you will understand.”

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