Skye: PMS, Bloating and Cravings a Thing of the Past

We checked in with Skye, a graduate from one of the very first Eat Real Food Bootcamps (ERFB), to see how she is feeling six months after the program. Watch her full video or read a quick summary of Skye’s experience.

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Skye, after

Did you have any hesitations prior to doing the program?

Yes! What impact would changing to this lifestyle have on my life as a busy working mom of two teenaged boys. And how much time would really be needed for food preparation.

So how did it go?

Initially there was a change in terms of thinking of the foods that you were eating, but I didn’t find the preparation required more time than I was already dedicating to food prep.

Why did you decide to join Eat Real Food Bootcamp?

I had been doing a lot of research into hormonal balances. Ever since I turned 40 I’ve noticed that my PMS and some other hormonal changes have been occurring that are quite bothersome. And everything I have been reading on how to balance your hormones said to eat real food and get rid of the gluten.

I joined ERFB to become accountable and for a support system with others who were also making that lifestyle change.

Did you try to do it on your own?

Yes. I tried to go gluten-free on my own and I find it really challenging not to have anyone to talk to about how to go about doing it. There is all kinds of, often overwhelming, information on the internet, so that made it a little bit more challenging – and I would cheat whenever I wanted to and I wasn’t accountable to anyone.

Can you comment on how the information is delivered in ERFB? 

We have two sessions where we are all together. The first session is the introductory session where we all meet and have our measurements taken. The next step is the Facebook group where you delivered information. So there was really daily support [from Carolyn and Michelle] and we would also supported by other ERFB members.

Did you like this format for delivering information?

Yes. I found it quite helpful, especially when I was busy and didn’t have the time to attend a group weekly.


What changes have you noticed in your health?

There have been dramatic changes in my health over the last six months. There have been two life altering changes in my health over the course of my life. The first was the birth of my twins and the second was taking on this lifestyle approach.

Prior to ERFB, I used to suffer from PMS, bloating and cramping, and ever since I’ve changed the approach I take to eating, I find that I am happier. I don’t have mood changes or any bloating or any digestive issues. The bonus is that I have lost quite a bit of weight, which was not my original purpose for joining ERFB.

I’ve inspired others with my weight loss and people have commented that I seem happier.

What has surprised you most about your journey?

The changes that have happened with respect to my health. Also, it’s not as difficult as people initially see it as. It’s actually quite an easy approach once you get started. I do recommend that people have some sort of support group to get them started on the journey. But other than that I have been able to make and maintain the changes in preparing food and I haven’t found it difficult at all.

As a busy, working mom, how do you get everything prepared?

So I try to dedicate Sundays towards food preparation and planning my menu for the week. That’s when I tend to cut up all my veggies and have them ready to go. I also try to have healthy snacks with me as an alternative to fast food options when we travel to hockey games.

How have your boys responded?

I didn’t push this approach on my boys – I just tried to be a role model. And what I have found, to my surprise, is that they are adopting the approach on their own. With respect to cooking, it is real food with no/low carbs and they ask my questions about it all the time. “Should I eat this or that, Mom? Is this good for me?” There’s no junk food – they don’t want junk food in the house.

Have you slacked off at all?

No, I have been able to maintain all the changes. Of course, there are all kinds of life situations that you encounter where it does challenge you – such as at a conference or at work where there is always cake for somebody’s birthday. One of the things I tried to do is ensure I am not hungry in those situations. Initially, it was tempting, but I find now, I can actually go in there hungry and not be tempted by all the goodies that are available.

The temptations never go away, so my approach is to say, “I’m choosing not to have it” rather than “I can’t have it.” Occasionally, I’ve eaten things that are not real food, but then the next day I am right back at it.

Would you recommend Eat Real Food Bootcamp?

Absolutely! 100%. I think it’s a really good start to the journey to eating healthy and eating real food. It’s a good support group and it helps keep you accountable. Those first 30 days can be really challenging and you need to be held accountable for what you do. It helps you stay on the journey.

Is there anything else about your Eat Real Food Bootcamp that you would like to share?

Initially it was hard to get over all the cravings that I had, but it’s amazing when you pursue eating real food how the cravings go away. And now I have no cravings and I am fascinated by that. I used to crave chocolate, chips and cereal – sugar, fat and salt.

I find I’m not as hungry as I used to be. I’m still eating lots, but I find it’s not that intense hunger that drives you to find something to eat.

What were some of the beliefs that you used to think about weight loss that have been revamped since taking this program?

I used to always think that the more you exercise the more you lose, but that is completely false. Prior to ERFB I was exercising frequently, but with eating real food, I have lost more weight than before. I’m still exercising, but not as frequently.

Exercise is very important for living healthfully, but eating real food is just as, if not more, important.