Set Yourself Up for Success … Conduct a Pantry Raid!

Just checking in since the last blog post to see how everyone is doing? Perhaps you’ve been testing the waters a bit over the past couple of weeks, even experimenting with a few primal meals here and there. Or maybe you’ve decided to start by eliminating just one grain at a time (may I recommend wheat, arguably the worst of the offenders).

Whatever your method, it is important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your primal life needn’t be either. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up for falling short of perfect. No matter how alluring it may seem, there’s just no winning at that game!One thing our ancestors never had to deal with was the temptation of cheap food everywhere they turned; food that, despite being tasty and convenient, contributed negatively to their overall health. It is imperative that all well-intentioned primal seekers set themselves up for success by cleaning out their kitchens. Let’s get started!

Conduct a Pantry Raid (not to be confused with a “Panty Raid”)

From fridges and freezers to cupboards and pantries, nothing gets overlooked during this initial clean up attempt. Get rid of anything you have lurking about that is going to hinder your efforts to stay on track:


Just what are all those jars of jelly for that you’ve been accumulating from Aunt Mildred all these years? Besides taking up valuable space in your refrigerator, they offer no added value to your health. Ditto for those huge bottles of coke and orange juice (yes, even the calcium and vitamin D fortified kind!). Get rid of them!


If you haven’t eaten that meatloaf in the past year, you probably never will. And just how many tubs of ice cream does one need (the correct answer is none!). Toss them!


Your cupboards and pantries will likely need the most attention. Obvious offenders include bags of chips, pretzels, and crackers. Staples such as pasta, rice, flour, and bread are also out. Legumes like beans, peas, and lentils, while marketed as superior among the grains for their higher protein content, still trigger that sugar-insulin roller coaster that stimulates appetite and causes the inflammatory response integral to so many of our modern-day disease. Gonzo!

My guess is when you face this job head on, you will be positively amazed at the junk you have cluttering up your kitchen. I completed this exact exercise at the beginning of January, and not only did I ditch an obscene amount of food (unopened items can be donated to food banks), I couldn’t believe how uplifting it was for me to know that now every time I open my refrigerator, I am greeted with an array of colourful foods that provide me and my family with the building blocks to a healthy life…one meal at a time.

What is your best advice for setting yourself up for a successful primal lifestyle?